"Hi Mark, just wanted to thank you again for dropping off that popcorn for me today. I was really impressed that you did that...that was really nice of you - and just great customer service :)....& like I said - you have a customer in me for life....and I will continue to talk up your product."
Kim Z.
"I tried a sample of your Olive Oil and Sea Salt popcorn at Hillers Market in Commerce and I had to buy a bag. It is the best tasting popcorn I've had in a long time! I'm addicted to it and I can't wait to try your other flavors!
I also love that it is a Michigan home grown product! Keep up the good work because you have a satisfied customer in me.
Thank You from a New Addicted Fan!"
"I was at the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce meeting last Friday night at tried your popcorn for the first time. It was truly the best popcorn I have ever had. Absolutely wonderful. Truly. It tasted so 'clean', no chemical aftertaste.
Thank you so much for all that you do for the Chaldean Community. You are very much appreciated. J"
Julie K.
"Just wanted to say Fantastic Product! I bought 2 bags of Sugar Daddy and 1 bag of Pepper Daddy..and they were gone by the end of the day! Look forward to buying more!"
Tricia M.
"Bought my first bag of the Red Popcorn, ate the whole bag, couldn't stop. Best popcorn ever..!"
"I bought a bag of Michigan Red Popcorn at the Living Well expo in Grand Rapids and simply love it."
Gloria F.